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Am I doing some kind of cyber cross-pollination by suggesting you read @XIANITY on Twitter?  I just found him/her via @boydston and it’s absolutely gold material. GOLD, I tell you!  I’ve just started reading the nearly 600 Tweets.  Here’s my favourite so far (they’re posted as news items by various categories):

PURITANS: Jonathan Edwards to @JohnPiper “You complete me”. John Piper to Jonathan Edwards “You had me at Hell”.


(Also, I’m a sucker for a good pop culture reference.  Here’s another one: “CHURCH: Seeker friendly ‘There Will Be Blood’ communion service goes too far after use of milkshake for the cup.”)

(OK, just a few more:

“TULIPS: Unpublished reformation manuscript confirms 6th point of Calvinism that many suspected existed all along: Smug Superiority”

“PROPHECY: Touring Israel & out of his mind with hunger, John Hagee unwittingly delays rapture by eating the red heifer.”

“MUSIC: “I’ll Fly Away” with Tuvan throat singers last straw for creative but troubled worship leader.”

“TECH: Steve Jobs descends from Mt. Sinai and smashes Apple Tablet in anger upon finding impatient mac users worshiping Kindles”

“THEOLOGY: Feuding nerds come to agreement that regular orcs could become Christians, but the Uruk Hai are beyond redemption.”

“THEOLOGY: Young Earth & Old Earth creationists agree to Middle Earth compromise, Hobbits object.)

Funny ’cause it’s true

The Twouble with Twitter (via):

Lately I’ve been thinking more about all the social networking apps available out there. I’ve resisted getting into many of them. Twitter and Facebook alone occupy enough time. I’ve considered taking a break or quitting both apps completely. I like some of the connections (re)made through Facebook, but I don’t use it for much other than playing Scrabble. And yet I feel compelled to return again and again to see what’s new on Facebook or who Twittered. It’s becoming a habit. A bad one. Some nights if no one tweets for a couple of hours it’s like there is nothing going on in the whole world, which is, of course, absolutely false.

Sometimes it feels like it’s rotting my brain. At other times it’s really quite fun.

But, yeah, Twitter feels, for the most part, like a waste. I try to use it mostly for thoughts and clever things which come to mind with are not lengthy enough to blog. But more often than not I end up posting what I’m doing, which is perhaps interesting for travel, but otherwise? I don’t know.

And the constant checking…

And yet I carry on.

In Chicago

So I’m in Chicago and things are not going quite as planned, update-wise.  Saskatoon Airport has free wifi.  Winnipeg airport requires an account with Telus or a ridiculous credit-card charge.  The hotel which I’m staying at advertises “free wifi access in every room”, or something along those lines.  When I read that, I think “free wifi”, but the key word is actually “access”.  Because when I open Safari on my iPod, I need to go through a gateway to set up a charge account (or bill to my room) to get unlimited internet access for $9.99US each day.  I still haven’t decided if Twittering is worth that much.  I’m thinking maybe not.  (Maybe Randall with feel otherwise and let me borrow his iPod or laptop for a bit.)

And my iPod decided to freeze up after I got onto transit.  It won’t shut down, it won’t let me use it.  Can’t do anything about it until I get to the hotel.  So no Twittering from coffee shops in the city, I’m afraid.

It was an uneventful trip.  I was patted down at customs in Winnipeg.  I wasn’t sure if we’d actually leave the airport, it was such a blustery day there.  O’Hare is too much airport, but I found my way to the shuttle/bus station for a complimentary ride to the hotel.  The hotel is swanky, but the denomination has worked out some kind of deal so that we’re actually paying less than we’d probably pay at a budget hotel (aside from meals).

How am I doing this?  Well, I’ve made it to Northpark University/Seminary.  I am in the library and one of the assistants has kindly logged me in as a guest.

Getting here was my goal for today (success!), but now that I’m here, I’m not sure what I should do.  I’ll check out the library and the seminary.  I’ve wandered the campus a bit (it’s a nice campus) and I’ve looked at some of the student housing (from the outside).  But what else to do here?  I don’t know–perhaps the point is just to get a sense of the place.  I may end up at Northpark again on Wednesday with someone in the know (who should be en route soon).

After Northpark I plan on making my way downtown and wandering around the “Miracle Mile”.  As I say, I’ll be doing some touristy stuff with Randall on Wednesday evening for sure, but I couldn’t just sit in that hotel all day.  So I ventured out on this beautiful day.

I’ve already met  a couple of Covenanters already–one from California, another from Alaska.  I was on the same flights as the Melfort church’s new pastor, although we didn’t introduce each other until we were in Chicago (but somehow I already knew he was heading to the conference).  Seems like many people know each other already here.  Me?  I’m one in about 8 million people right now and I know nobody.  The anonymity is kind of nice, but then walking around a hotel filled with pockets of people talking to each other…

From what I can tell, I fall somewhere in between a large crowd of hip, trendy twenty-somethings and the older, old-school looking Covenant pastors.  Not sure where I fit in.

Registered this morning.  Free books!  Well, “free”–they come with registration.  Some great selections, including Scot McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet and N.T. Wright’s Surprised by Hope.  Unfortunately, I already own (and have read) both!  No matter–they shall become gifts or church library donations.  Couple of other interesting books in the bunch as well.

Got into almost all of the workshops I wanted to.  Unfortunately, that did not include the one I really, really wanted to be in: Scot McKnight’s one-day workshop on The Blue Parakeet.  It’s a good book that has generated some questions.  Plus, I’m (attempting to) teach the youth Sunday school class on that book, so some more in-depth discussion about it would have been helpful.  Alas.  Maybe I can sneak in, or someone won’t show up, or maybe because it’s so popular (it filled up by December 15, well before I registered) they’ll add second workshop on the book (not likely).

Anyway, that’s all.  I’m off to browse the library catalogue for a bit, then to the seminary building, then to find my way back to the Blue Line (or Brown Line) and to downtown.


I’m going on a little trip with Olivia.  

With my iPod Touch it’s much easier to use Twitter than WordPress (although there is a WordPress App that works quite well).  Because of this, I’ve set things up so that theoretically there will be a “digest” post of the day’s Tweets posted at the end of a given day.  I say “theoretically”, because I have it set to do so at 11:59pm and it should have published a post last night at that time, but it didn’t.  It seems to work for some people, but it is still in testing.

If that doesn’t work, I’ve also got my Tweets feeding to the sidebar to the right.  Or you could follow me at twitter.com/vandersluys.  I hope the digest posts work so that it will be integrated into my RSS feed.

I have mixed feelings about Twitter-to-blog integration (Twitter seems so contrary to the blogging spirit), so this is a test for when I go to Chicago at the beginning of February.  Let me know what you think.

Having said that, I believe I’m inheriting my parents’ old laptop (1st generation XP, I believe) which will hopefully function sufficiently.  If I can get the wireless adapter to work, I may post something substantial.