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Good times exploring the ingredients of various Tylenol products.

In my former post, Theophilus, I wrote about the questionable marketing of various Tylenol products.  The findings of my Tylenol study went relatively unnoticed.  I will allow that it was a rather verbose post, so let me summarize: Tylenol Flu (Extra Strength) and Tylenol Cold (Extra Strength) are a) the identical product and b) will do the same job as any one of the other available Tylenol products—they simply have a few more ingredients to cover more specific symptoms.

Dixie must have forgotten this post—or (more likely) she skimmed or simply ignored my first post on the subject—because she arrived home today and announced that she had bought a variety of Tylenol products to deal with our children’s various current illnesses.  Here they are: Continue reading