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Happenings and goings on

Who are these two cuties?
Marc Baby Dixie Baby

Luke thought they were pictures of himself and Olivia, respectively.  In fact, they are of me and Dixie (also respectively).  Found them when cleaning out the junk from the storage room.

That, incidentally, is how I spent much of my pre-age-seven childhood.  Not crying or in women’s clothes, but with my two fingers stuck in my mouth and hanging onto a ribbon tied to the neck of one stuffed animal or other (either a lamb or a rabbit–I wore several out).

We’re finally getting to some “serious” packing.  This means spending the afternoon in the storage room sorting through boxes of various junk and paraphernalia.  I didn’t think we’d accomplished much, as it appeared to me that we had just moved items from one box to another box, albeit in a significantly more organized way.  Dixie, on the other hand, is quite pleased with what we’ve accomplished today, so I’ll take her word for it.

We’ve rented a U-haul truck for Tuesday (for 4 days and an alloted 1,047kms).  We chose the 17-footer instead of the 26-footer.  The 26-footer was, by U-haul’s estimation, the size of truck needed for our house, but we decided to rent one relative to the size of our trailer.  The 17-footer is probably still too big.

Events being what they were–exhaustion (ironically) after a great three-week holiday, Dixie’s grandpa’s passing and the subsequent funeral and inpouring of relatives–we haven’t done a great deal of packing since we returned from our holiday.  I hope we can get it together by Tuesday/Wednesday.  (If you’re around, you can help us load the truck!)

Our house still hasn’t sold.  Couldn’t tell you why.  At least a couple of people have expressed interest, but that’s meaningless unless there is an offer in the offing.  We’ve done more finishing work than we had originally intended, but people can afford to be picky in a market flooded with houses, so we have to appease the masses as much as we can.  We’ve also dropped the price $25,000 below the professionally appraised value.  We may end up renting the place out.

So it looks like we’ll be heading into the school year with a house to worry about.  This is precisely what I did not want to happen, but, as they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.  You can look at this a couple of ways, but the way I prefer (right or wrong) is the “God stretching you” approach a good friend suggested.  Alternately, you can look at this as simply the way it is.  I’m still pretty confident it will sell, but when?  And for how much?

Someone tweeted Dixie today to see if I still used Twitter.  Some of you might also be wondering if I still blog.  Well, I don’t.  I haven’t been blogging for several months and I don’t plan on blogging again.  Ever.

I kid, of course.  In fact, I have already blogged more in August than I did in all of July.  Things will hopefully pick up next week, once we’re set up in Otterburne, and certainly once school starts.  I plan on giving you a video tour of our new digs, as well as some photographs and musings from our time along the west coast of Vancouver Island.  I may also post about the final days of last year’s Back Roads of Saskatchewan Tour.