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Well, I see Obama has been elected President of the United States of America.

And so I join the throng of bloggers across the globe who in the last couple of hours have at least typed the word Barack and/or Obama at least once.

I admit I haven’t followed the U.S. election campaign very closely, and so the Obamic* appeal for me is based purely on his apparent ability to inspire hope in people—hope for possibility and change.

Will things change?  Some people seem to be giving Barack a messianic air.  I, on the other hand, tend to be quite pessimistic about politics.  In Canada, at any rate, it seems that as sincere as a candidate’s campaign promises may be, his or her hands will be fairly tied once in office.  Maybe it’s different in the U.S.  And maybe Obama is a president-elect unlike any other in recent history.

But right now any promises he has made are still promises.

Having said that, and with my almost complete ignorance of the candidates’ respective policies (which makes the following statement fairly vacuous) in mind*, I’m pretty excited that Barack Obama was elected. For some reason he inspires hope in me, too, and I’m not an American.

Clever campaigning? Or sincerity? Once again, we shall see.
*Keep you eyes open: I’m counting on “Obamic” and maybe even “Obamic appeal” to become a pundit mainstay in the relatively near future. And, as far as I know, I just coined it!
**Please don’t bring up the abortion issue now. I’ve been thinking about it again and may post my thoughts soon, so maybe save your comments until then. Also, there are probably elements of both candidates’ policies with which I take issue. Which candidate has more offensive material? Or, which candidate’s offensive material overpowers whose? That’s not for this post (or for me, in my ignorance, to even ponder at this point).