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Week the second

I’ve been wearing my Cross Mr. Grumpy Face (Adrian Plass) for a couple of days, due to a combination of fatigue, stress, and being fed-up with the kids’ behaviour (and each cause accelerates the next).  For a while I felt like I had been yelling at the kids for two days straight.  However, I received some good news today, which lightened my load and thereby my stress considerably.  The news is this: I can choose which seminary assignment is due at the end of November.  I was under the impression that the lecture/reading/questions portion of the course was due then.  After putting together a schedule I realized that I would be spending most of my spare time for the next month on that assignment in order to finish it on time.  Now I can read one of the other textbooks and do a short reflective/critical paper on it or do a word study on a series of Greek terms.  Both of those feel much more manageable.

I’ve been adjusting to the my new work arrangements.  I recognized that I needed to take some time in the mornings at the church to decompress, which this morning consisted of reading the Psalter and a little prayer (all legitimate work, folks!).  I’m a fidgety person at the best of times and combined with the go-get-’em pace at the law office I find that at the church I constantly feel like moving on to something other than what I’m doing at the moment.  The pacing is so different.

Spent some time visiting people today, which was nice.  “Visiting people”.  “Visitation” sounds more official.  Visitation was probably my biggest fear about working at/for the church, but it has gone well so far.  I was told to just be myself, not try to be pastorly and that seems to work.  Everything else just happens.

Part of my concern with visitation was that many shut-ins wouldn’t know me from a hole in the wall.  And vice-versa.  The other concern was that they would think that I was only visiting them because I’m paid to do so.  I suppose that’s true in a sense, but I don’t like the negative spin there; it’s true in the sense that my position at the church gives me the time and freedom to do that sort of thing.  And I’ve enjoyed it so far.

I’ve mentioned before (maybe not here) that it’s a shame that our church building sits empty most of the time.  Since starting my time at the church, this has become more pronounced: just me in a several thousand square foot office—or, rather, just me in a moderately-sized room inside a gigantic unused space.  In general it only gets used a couple of mornings per week.  It’s a great space, but it’s a shame to put so many resources into a mostly unused building.  It’d be nice to fill its halls and rooms on a daily basis somehow.

That’s the news from Prince Albert, where the Tim Hortons’ are slow, a diamond mine may or may not be a pipe dream, and the number of dollar stores per capita is well above average.